FSC-certified Studio Line collection.


In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is vital that companies take responsibility and embrace greener and more sustainable practices. At Pepe & Wolf we are aware of this responsibility and that is why we are pleased to present our FSC-certified Studio collection.

In this article we will go into more detail about what FSC certification means, the benefits it brings and why it is an investment in a sustainable supply chain.

What does FSC-certified mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to the dedicated to promoting responsible forest management. The FSC certification system guarantees that products bearing the FSC label come from responsibly managed forests. This means that the forests are managed according to ecological, social and economic criteria. FSC certification is a globally recognised standard that ensures forests are used and protected in a sustainable manner.

Our FSC-certified Studio Line.

At Pepe & Wolf we are proud that we can do our part to promote a more sustainable world. We have chosen to have our Studio collection FSC certified to ensure our products are responsibly sourced. The Pepe & Wolf Studio collection consists of products made from sustainable tree latex and FSC tree rubber. Tree latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree and is a sustainable alternative to conventional latex. FSC tree rubber is made from rubber that comes from FSC certified forests.

Why is FSC-certification so important?

FSC certification is an important step towards a more sustainable world. By using FSC-certified materials, companies help reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity and respect the rights of local communities.

Why is our FSC-certifies Studio-Line an investment in a more sustainable supply chain?

At Pepe & Wolf we believe that sustainability is the key to a successful and sustainable business. With the FSC certification of our Studio collection, we go one step further and help promote a sustainable supply chain. By using FSC certified materials, we ensure our products are responsibly sourced. This helps reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity and respect the rights of local communities. In addition, the use of FSC-certified materials promotes a sustainable and transparent supply chain. We can be sure that our materials are produced and transported in a responsible way, helping to reduce emissions and promote a more sustainable future!