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  • Yoga mat spray - pepeandwolf
  • Yoga mat spray - pepeandwolf
  • Yoga mat spray - pepeandwolf

Yoga mat spray for microfibre mats

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100% natural product.
0% chemicals, cruelty, microplastics, and harmful toxins.

Your microfibre suede mat deserves only the best care! We came together with the team of CHISTEE to create a cleaning spray that would be powerful and antibacterial, yet natural and free of any harmful chemicals. We have added an absolutely fantastic scent of natural Eucalyptus and orange oil to elevate cleaning to an uplifting spiritual celebration.

The unique composition effectively removes grease, dirt, and bacteria from various types of surfaces and materials.

– Yoga mats with suede microfibre surface - eg. Collections Mediterannean, La Isla
– Exercise tools
– Stains
– Floor
– Various surfaces

Please note, that this cleaning solution is not very effective on the Studio mat collection. Since we do want to sell only the best products, we recommend using it only on the collections La Isla, Mediterranean, and Morrocan.

Spray our universal cleaner on the surface, leave it to act for a few seconds, and rinse with water. Protect from frost and sunlight. The product may change color at 15 ° C, which does not affect its quality or cleaning properties. Once opened, use within 12 months. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse your eyes with water.


Water, olive oil, safflower oil, geranium oil, variegated oil, eucalyptus essential oil, orange essential oil, sea salt.


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Limited edition eco-friendly yoga mat designed by Domi Kramer, inspired by serenity and geometry in nature around us. Its soft, absorbent and grippy surface makes it ideal for any yoga practice.


A huge part of sustainability is longevity. To increase the lifetime of your items, you have to take care of them and clean them properly. We prepared a small guide with a few tips for you.