We are introducing a selection of Therapy Notebooks, created by experts and backed by science.

Each notebook is created to tackle one specific problem. Building a bridge between research, theory and real life, the notebooks are filled with questions and tactics, to help you specifically to improve one certain area.

For a real change made by you.

If you have difficulty starting journaling from scratch, we can relate. That is why we were searching for an alternative, which guides your mind and your thoughts in the right direction. Often it is only a slight change of perspective, that can help improve your mental well-being and long-lasting mental balance. 

build better habits. improve the quality of your sleep. Fight your anxiety. Get the most out of your personal therapy sessions

pepe&wolf is one of the first European partners of the NY-based Therapy Notebooks.

You can now select from one of the 4 topics you want to start to tackle: ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, BUILDING HEALTHIER HABITS, OR THE THERAPY JOURNAL.